Just the facts, ma’am

Welcome to the inaugural post of the gatherist!  We’re excited to have you on this journey with us!  Our goal is to provide all things relevant in today’s world.  Things have changed A LOT over the past many months and in this over-politicized world full of opinions it’s hard to get the information you need to make practical, rational decisions. 

  • Is it safe to go on a trip?
  • How do I stay healthy and sane? 
  • Should I be looking for a new job? 
  • How do I maximize space in my home?

At the gatherist, our goal is to share both curated and original content to help you live better days and make the most of today’s world.  We welcome our community’s feedback in shaping our content and telling us the information you need most.  Without politics.  And biased opinions.  Now let’s start gathering…

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