Navigating public restrooms

Public restrooms already have an ick factor but during a pandemic, the ick factor can be off the charts.  Whether you have children or not, there are simple steps you can take to ensure a safe visit to public restrooms. Overall, transmission rates are fairly low if you take precautions since the time spent in public restrooms is very short.  But always remember: Use a paper … Continue reading Navigating public restrooms

Just how dirty is your cell phone? Very!

The findings vary, but one study out of the University of Arizona found that cell phones are 10x more dirty than a toilet seat! YIKES!! So how do you keep your phone clean? Simple. Daily use of alcohol wipes (you know, the type you get at restaurants to clean your hands) on a phone that has been unplugged from a charger and turned off will … Continue reading Just how dirty is your cell phone? Very!