2020 Sucks…or does it?

Let’s face it – it’s so easy to see all the bad 2020 has brought.  And as divided as this world has become, I think everyone can universally agree – 2020 sucks!  But as I tell my kids all the time, nothing is all good or all bad.  For me, I started the year by losing my precious Jack Russell Terrier after 17 ½ years, 3 cross country moves, and countless adventures.  Broke my ankle in March, was furloughed in May, and laid off in July.  

But some pretty amazing things have happened, too!  With our worlds coming to a screeching halt in March, we all had the opportunity to slow down and breathe.  

I no longer had to start my days at 5:30 am and not catch my breath again until 8:30 pm.  

And I had the chance to re-evaluate how I have been living the past several years and ask myself “was that the way I wanted to continue to live?”  

Plus with everything closed, my spending habits changed significantly!  

  • Do I need to get my nails done every two weeks?  
  • Do we need to eat out so often?  

And after many years secretly dreaming of starting my own business, being laid off affirmed now is the time!  Sometimes seeing the opportunities amongst the challenges is all you need to grow.  And maybe 2020 doesn’t suck so bad after all.

What good has 2020 brought you? 

Have a thought? Tell us!