Before you place a suitcase on your bed, read this!

Admittedly, I’m a germaphobe.  Even before COVID, I never touched an elevator button with my fingertip, always the knuckle.  

One thing I hadn’t thought about, until now, was unpacking my suitcase on top of my bed (either at a hotel or my home).  A lot of us do it because it’s more convenient than if it was on the floor.  At home, I don’t have a luggage rack and in a hotel, I often just placed the suitcase on the bed instead of taking the luggage rack out of the closet.  

But think…for a moment…everywhere you rolled that suitcase.  The airport.  City streets and sidewalks.  Across hotel lobbies and on hallway carpets.  Sufficiently grossed out?


  1. Do NOT put your suitcase on your bed
  2. When you get home, wipe all wheels and handles down with a Clorox wipe BEFORE you put your suitcase away

Where do you pack and unpack your suitcase?

Have a thought? Tell us!