Are endless video calls draining you? Your kids? Here’s why…

There are reasons why those video calls feel so draining…because they are!  Having people stare at just our faces for sometimes hours on end requires incredible effort on our part to appear interested and engaged.  

There are also very limited non-verbal cues that we can tap into subconsciously, which means we have to focus on participant’s words and maintain eye contact more than in-person meetings.

And then there are additional factors to contend with – will someone walk in during my call?  And the silence that follows you speaking…is it because people are processing what I said?  Am I frozen?  Did my connection cut out and they didn’t hear me?

What can you do to lessen the impact of draining conference calls?  Move around – either indoors or outdoors – as much as you can when not tied to your computer.  Ask yourself: “Do I need the meeting at all?”  And if so, can the same results be achieved through a phone conversation. 

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