Helping your pet adjust when you return to work

Many of us have been working from home the past several months either due to closed offices or furloughs.  But eventually we will be returning to our jobs and leaving our homes, and our pets.  And let’s face it, while the past many months have been difficult for us, our pets have thought this time together was like winning the lottery!

Below are steps you can take to prepare your pet/s for separation and to address their potential anxiety:

  • Spend some time each day separated from your pet. Go on a long walk, run errands or close your office door.  Let them know you still take time apart.  Gradually increase the length of time you are away.

  • When you return to the office/work place consider investing in a pet camera to monitor their activities and look for signs of distress.

  • And if you DO see signs of stress (chewing, accidents destroying things) then talk with your vet about a trainer.  Addressing their anxiety early on will lessen the severity and damage to your home.

Will your pet miss you or welcome the alone time?

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