American Airlines took a big step to make their planes safer

  • Texas-based Allied Science has developed a new product, SurfaceWise2, that when sprayed on surfaces kills viruses, including the Coronavirus, for up to seven days.

  • American Airlines is able to use this ground-breaking product because the EPA granted the Texas Department of Agriculture an emergency exemption to the FIFRA Act (Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act).  

  • What this means is that in the coming months, American Airlines will be able to use this nontoxic solution to treat planes that fly into and out of Texas.

  • Allied Science is hoping other states are also granted an exception by the EPA so they too can begin using this long-lasting disinfectant in high touch areas such as hospitals, offices, schools and gyms.

    See yesterday’s post to read more about what other airlines, specifically Delta, are doing to ensure safety precautions for travelers.

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