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A good workout is better than medicine

Until 2015, I was never into workouts.  I tried many things over the years but nothing “stuck.”

In November 2014 I quit smoking for good after a friend of mine (and former smoking buddy) passed away from lung cancer.  As the weight piled on I decided I had to do something so I gave OrangeTheory Fitness a try.  Their workouts checked all the boxes for me:

Accountability – if you don’t show you get charged
Variety – no two workouts are ever alike
Competition – I would never push myself as hard as I do when surrounded by others.  No one wants to be the last one off the rower 😊
Camaraderie – The people I took classes with became my workout buddies

And then COVID hit.  Gyms shut down so workouts became independent and done outside. And then I broke my ankle.  Not in some super cool way like doing an outdoor hike or trail run.  But by crossing the street while walking with my family after dinner one night.  What a klutz! Perhaps breaking an ankle and having no mobility is better during a shelter in place order but nonetheless, I couldn’t workout which kept me (somewhat) sane.

I’m always reminded of the line from Legally Blonde “Exercise gives you endorphins.  Endorphins make you happy.  Happy people don’t shoot their husbands.”  And while things hadn’t gotten quite that bad, I was getting grumpy.  And my husband reminded me of this line more than once…

Once the cast came off and the boot was on, I could resume some exercise.  And when healed, I was right back at it.  But like everyone, I had to change it up since gyms were either still closed or limited in services.  Outdoor CrossFit-style workouts became my new jam and with a few small changes I was able to do workouts in my basement, too.  Hello, TRX home training system!

While I still don’t have a whole new routine down just yet, I can always make a bad day better with some sort of workout.  And like I always say, no one ever regrets a workout once they are done.

What has been your ‘go to” workout over the past several months?

Exercise is always necessary, but couple it with clean eating habits and you got the recipe for a happy, healthy life!

2 thoughts on “A good workout is better than medicine

  1. I feel the same way about our Peloton. We had it well before COVID and loved it – but appreciate it even more now. When I get grumpy my husband says “did you ride the bike? Go ride the bike.” It always works.

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