To fly or not to fly…that is the question?!

Our family of four is originally from Los Angeles but we now live in Atlanta.  And if you know summers in the south you know two things – they are HOT and HUMID.  The humidity is what really does me in.  And it always seems to kick into full gear around the 4th of July.  So each year, we escape back to California and enjoy the stunning scenery and beautiful weather of Lake Arrowhead, CA.  But this year was different.  Do we go?  Is it safe?  Because this is a trip that means so much to all of us, we decided we would go and take every safety precaution possible.  

Armed with our masks, gaiters, tons of sanitizer and Clorox wipes we headed into Hartsfield-Jackson Airport to begin our lengthy journey.  Flying out of Atlanta, it’s likely you will be flying Delta, which we did.  Many of us have seen the images of the nearly full planes with passengers shoulder to shoulder.  I appreciate the position Delta has taken to reduce capacity through at least January 6, 2021.  I wish all airlines did the same.

Our family had a great experience on both flights and witnessed firsthand the phenomenal job Delta does in ensuring the safety of its passengers.  Both flights’ capacity was low enough that we were able to properly and safely distance ourselves from other passengers.  And Hartsfield-Jackson and LAX airports did a great job checking in passengers and ensuring virtually every person in the airport wore a mask and provided them to those who did not have one.  

I get it – traveling during this time is a very personal decision.  And not one to be taken lightly.  But after our two-week self-imposed quarantine upon returning home to Atlanta, I can say all four of us safely survived our first flight in the COVID world.

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