What I miss about being in an office

After 20+ years of working in an office and now facing the reality of working for and with myself, what do my new office mates look like?  Welcome to my new community.

With much of the office workers being remote the past several months, we’ve had to adjust to digital forms of communication based mainly around conference calls.  And while it isn’t the same as being at an in-person meeting or working alongside your team every day, you are still engaging and connecting with your team members.  And through IMs and texts you can still “chat.”

So when I got laid off, I realized one of the things I would miss most (other than a paycheck, of course!) was just having people to chat with during the day.  And while I’m home with my family and we all chat, they know my stories and aren’t really a fresh audience.  And I know their stories, too!

I’ve always been a fairly private person so the fact that I have chosen to blog and exist in the world of social media is out of character.  And then I realized something…this community of people that have chosen to “follow me” are my new office mates.  You all are the ones I will now be sharing my funny stories with.  And I hope you share some of yours with me, too!  It’s amazing that even on a subconscious level we are always finding ways to fill in the gaps in our lives.

So, thank you to all of you for reading my posts and giving me a new audience of peers to share my stories with.    

What topics do you want the gatherist to talk about?

Have a thought? Tell us!