Staying healthy when returning to work

Are you returning to work either part time or full time?  Working outside the home is going to look and feel different for some time to come.  Here are some of the changes you might experience upon your return.

Is your office getting ready to open back up?  Here’s nine things you can do to stay safe when heading back to work:

  1.  Social Distancing.  Expect to see teams staggered.  It will be a while before everyone is back in the same space at the same time.  This means remote working will still exist, at least part of the week.  And when you do go back, don’t be surprised to see the space has been redesigned to ensure proper spacing between workstations.

  2. Wear your Mask.  But when you are alone in a private office or cubicle you can have some mask-free time.

  3. Air Flow.  Your employer will need to address air circulation before people begin returning to the office since stagnant air can transmit the virus.  Proper ventilation will ensure safer air quality.

  4. Reduced/Eliminated Shared Space.  This includes breakrooms and places people congregate.  Expect to see them either eliminated altogether or a reduction in services and capacity to limit people and time spent in a space.

  5. Elevators.  Expect to see precautions taken to limit the volume of people using elevators including staggered arrival and departure times.  Also expect to see reduced capacities per car. And when inside, wear your mask and face a wall or the doors.  Do not face towards other occupants.

  6. Bathrooms.  A major area where people pass each other and are tempted to stop and chat within small, confined spaces.  Single stall restrooms are safest.  And expect to exit the space as quickly as possible.  After thoroughly washing your hand and using a paper towel to open the door, of course.

  7. Solo eating.  This is important because we have to take our masks off to eat.  And we are often closer than 6 ft when sitting at a table.  Also, think about bringing your lunch from home whenever possible.

  8. Wash your Hands.  A lot.  And limit contact with surfaces and use caution when opening doors.

  9. Stay home if you are sick.  This one seems obvious, but some bosses remain demanding and some people can’t afford to go without pay.  

Are you returning to work?  What precautions has your employer taken?

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