Virtual learning brings the gift of self-teaching

Virtual learning for our children is challenging.  And far from ideal.  But there might be a positive lesson or two to be gained from our interim school solution.

I’ve never been a good self-teacher.  I’ve always preferred learning, meeting and being in-person.  Reading directions?  Nope!  Just show me how to do it.  Better yet…let me fumble (ask my husband about the dining room chair that I put the legs on backwards).  

But over the last several months a change in the way we learn has occurred.  As our worlds have shifted to digital and online and isolated, our way of learning and interacting has evolved.  And I notice this change with our children, especially.  Sure, we know they learn better in the classroom.  And we want them in a safe learning environment with their friends.  And children with learning disabilities have experienced the greatest pain.  There will be many unintended consequences of today’s situation, many of which will be negative, but it’s possible some could be positive, too.

The ability to self-teach.  Our kids have had to do more learning on their own than ever before.  And while we would prefer the classroom over a laptop, the gift of self-teaching is priceless.

Independence.  Not being in a building with the teacher to easily answer questions has encouraged kids to struggle and figure some things out, on their own!  And dang it, sometimes they do a really great job!

Tech savvy.  In the short time my kids have been online for virtual learning, their technical abilities have increased tenfold.  And that is a skill that will never go to waste.

This will all come to an end someday, hopefully sooner than later.  And we will return to offices for in-person meetings and students will return to live classroom instruction.  And just maybe, we will see some positive learnings from this virtual time.

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