Is SurfaceWise2 designed to kill viruses safe after all?

On August 24 the EPA allowed American Airlines to begin use of a new product that kills viruses on surfaces up to seven days.  The hope is to make air travel safer.  But not everyone feels that SurfaceWise2 will, in fact, make passengers safer.

On September 8 we posted about how American Airlines is working to make their planes safer through the use of SurfaceWise2 designed to kill viruses on surfaces for as long as seven days after application.  But chemical scientists aren’t convinced this is a safe solution to protect travelers against viruses, including COVID-19.  

The Material Data Safety Sheet for SurfaceWise 2 listed prolonged skin and eye contact as a potential concern.  The study also did not address the long-term or chronic effect of use of the product.  Which is very relevant considering airline staff will be regularly exposed to the product in an enclosed environment.

Additionally, studies show that risk of transmission of COVID-19 from a surface is relatively low. The greater risk is contracting the virus through droplet transmission in the air.  Thus, applying a product to surfaces does not address the primary mode of COVID-19 virus transmission.  And in fact, the product could irritate the airways of those more susceptible for virus transmission in the first place.

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