Five Forms of body language confident people NEVER do

Body language is the unspoken word that lets others around us know how we are really feeling.  Want to appear more confident?  Learn the five forms of body language confident people never do.

When it comes to communication, we’ve all heard that body language conveys more than the spoken word.  In fact, 93% of communication is non-verbal of which 55% is based on body language.  What are the five forms of body language confident people never do?  Read on:

  1. Excessive head nodding.  Yes.  Agreeing and showing interest with your speaker is important.  Excessive head nodding a la bobble head style is not perceived as management material.

  2. Being overly expressive.  It’s important to convey warmth without being overly expressive.  Or worse, expressing emotions that don’t align with what’s being said.

  3. Fidgeting.  Similar to expressing too many emotions, too much movement is seen as lack of confidence and nervousness.  If you are in the habit of tapping your foot or playing with your pen, stop!

  4. Shallow breathing.  Are you unconsciously holding your breath?  The unintended consequence of poor breathing is the effect it has on your voice, which can be perceived as stress.  Learn to control your breathing and before beginning a big meeting take deep, belly breaths.

  5. Poor posture.  Both when you are sitting and standing.  Sitting up straight portrays power.  And when standing, stand with your feet slightly apart to give the impression of “claiming territory.”

What form of body language do you notice the most?

These five things are extremely important to remember, and you can even use tips while virtually working and learning.

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