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4 Easy ways to improve your WFH shared spaces

Working and schooling from shared spaces?  Here are four easy tips that can help make your space more practical and useful.

Working and learning from home has become the new norm, and for many of us this is being done within shared spaces.  So here are four easy ways to help keep your space more organized and as a result, more productive.

  1.  Limit paper pile up.  Ask yourself “do I need to keep everything?”  Are there some documents that can be scanned?  Picture taken and kept on your phone?  Checkout the Dropbox app which has a scanning and filing feature built right in.  But if you do have actual papers you need to keep, try investing in a tiered paper sorter.

  2. Divide spaces into zones.  Many of us are limited in workspace within our homes, so we are sharing with a child or partner.  The key here is creating zones.  One zone for your computer and another zone for other work-related tasks will help you stay focused.  Also, keep what you need at arm’s length.  And same for your kids and their supplies, too.  This will help limit the “where is” interruptions.  Tidy your space up at the end of the day so you can start fresh in the morning.

  3. Control cord clutter.  Yep.  You know exactly what I’m talking about!  The massive bundle of black cords and you have NO idea what they go to.  Get out that label maker and make a label for each cord so once and for all, you know where it goes!  Then invest in some colorful wraps to neatly bundle those cables.

  4. Give your space some personality.  A boring space is uninspiring and will limit the amount of time you want to spend in it.  However you don’t need to spend a lot to make it more inviting.  Just personalize it so it feels like yours.  Even little details like swapping out boring office supplies for items in your favorite color will increase the appeal of your workspace.

Have you taken the time to make your workspace “yours”?

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