If opportunity doesn't knock...build a door

The symbolism of doors and new opportunities

At the gatherist, we are driven by the symbolism of doors.  Read on to discover why something so common means so much to our efforts.

You might have noticed that at the gatherist, we kinda like doors.  Big doors.  Small doors.  Colorful doors.  But why doors and what’s behind the symbolism of doors?  Because of what they represent to us during our journey in launching this blog.

A few years back my best friend and I went to London and Dublin to celebrate my birthday.  And during our city tour of Dublin we noticed while all the houses looked the same, all the doors were painted different colors.  And all very distinct.  

The reason for the colorful and distinct doors was simple – identification.  When the men would leave the pubs late night/early morning, the color of the door was the only way in their inebriated state they could identify which house was theirs.  I always loved that story and how something seemingly so similar could be so different.  And the only way you could tell which was yours, was by the door.

In life, we have doors that open and doors that close.  Sometimes the door closes before we are ready.  And other times the door we want to open, doesn’t.  And sometimes, the doors just don’t open at all.  We were inspired by this quote from Milton Berle (if you are too young to know this name, please Google it!) “If opportunity doesn’t knock… build a door.”

During these times there aren’t lots of opportunities knocking.  So, we are building our own door.

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