How travel might change post-pandemic

There will be lots of changes to the way we live post-pandemic.  And travel has been one of the areas most greatly impacted by COVID. So, we can expect to see some pretty big ways travel might change for future trips.

There will be many changes to our lifestyle as a result of the current pandemic.  And travel is one of the areas that has been greatly impacted so expect to see some big changes in this part of our lives.  Below are some possible ways travel might change on future trips:

  1. Abandoning large European cities – Expect to see travel patterns shift from large European cities to smaller, off the beaten path ones with strong cultural offerings.  Think Lyon and Hamburg.

  2. FOMO domestic locations – Destinations like Alaska with large open spaces and depleting icebergs will become popular.  Along with other open areas like Montana and Wyoming.

  3. Ticketless check-ins – As biometrics play a bigger role in our daily lives, things like airline tickets could be replaced by biometric screenings where your face becomes your new airline ticket.

  4. The new first class – Soon you could expect to pay extra for Hygiene class, which is a premium class service with even greater cleaning standards.

  5. AI in our hotels – Robo maids could become the new back of the house staff.  While discreet, these Roomba-like maids will be cleaning the halls at 2 am.  And expect harder-to-clean items like coffee makers removed from guests rooms.

What do you think is the biggest change we will see in travel?

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