The best days to score cheaper airline tickets

Which day of the week should you purchase for cheaper airline tickets?  When should you depart?  Return home?  It does vary somewhat whether domestic or international.  Which app will help you monitor the change in fares for your chosen route?

Airline tickets continue to be lower priced as compared to the past several years, but as demand increases in the coming months (combined with a decrease in routes over the past few months) you can expect the price of tickets to creep back up.  Below are a few guidelines to follow to help you score cheaper airline tickets:


  • Purchase your plane tickets on a Sunday, as this is generally when prices are lower
  • Departing mid-week will return a lower fare
  • The best day to come home from a domestic trip is on a Tuesday


  • You will experience lower priced tickets if you depart and return on a Wednesday
  • Friday – Sunday departures will cost you the most
  • Sunday is the most expensive day to book a return trip

Keeping an eye on ticket prices is key to scoring a deal.  Using apps like Hopper will allow you to monitor fares and book at a lower price.  But try not to purchase more than 150 days PRIOR to your trip since discounts aren’t applied that far out.

Do you have plans to book a flight?

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