Managing the “quaran-teen”

For many, our emotional health has taken a hit during these past months.  But teens and young adults might be one of the groups most impacted. And the longer this continues, the worse it could be.  Read on to learn some things you can do to help manage the “quaran-teen.”

Kids and young adults form their identities and create independence through a variety of relationships and activities including school, friendships, jobs, romantic relationships and time away from their parents.  The pandemic has taken so much of this away from our teens and the longer it goes on, the more possible damage it will cause.

Here are three things to help your teen manage this challenging time:

1. Increase outside connections – Prior to the pandemic, parents limited screen time.  But now facetime calls, instant message chats and even video games are some of the remaining ways teens can interact with their friends.

2. Self-connection – Help your teen find purpose and value by developing a new skill, focusing on a favorite hobby or supporting a social cause.  This can help boost self esteem through a sense of accomplishment.  Thinking about adopting a pet?  Many have during this time because caring for a pet provides us with a purpose.

3. Feelings of connection – Sometimes they WAYS to connect are there but emotionally, they just aren’t into it.  Being stressed can serve as a roadblock in connecting with others.  Let your teens know this is normal and it happens sometimes.  Consider meditation and yoga to alleviate some of the stress.

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What changes in behavior have you noticed with your teen?

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