Robocalls: they are back with a vengeance

We hate them.  And do everything we can to avoid them.  And for a while, they went away.  Nope.  We aren’t talking about mosquitoes.  We’re talking about robocalls.  And they are back with a vengeance.

During those shelter in place months, we all experienced a really delightful side effect – decreased robocalls.  In March, there were 4.1b calls made as compared to April when that number dropped to 2.9b.  As businesses shut down and workers were no longer in the office and some were even losing their jobs, robocallers were also impacted.  

Many of these call centers are based in countries like India and the Philippines. When the lockdown order went into place in India, robocalls were cut in half the next day.

But they’re back at it and now it feels worse than ever.  And there is good reason.  In addition to all the previous spam calls we received (nope, I still don’t have any student debt) there are new calls being added into the mix.  All the scams related to the pandemic including emergency medical assistance, help with unemployment benefits and testing site locations.  And this is increasing the number of robocalls we are receiving on a daily basis.

What can you do to stop it?  Visit, or call 1-888-382-1222 from the number you want to register.  It may not stop all calls but it should reduce the volume.

Have you noticed an increase in spam calls?

Registering your home and cell phone number on the do not call list will also help improve your WFH experience!

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