30 Places to visit before I turn 30

2020 plans look a bit different than expected. Instead of worrying about traveling abroad now, I made a list of 30 places I hope to see before I turn 30.

Two months from today, Dec. 2nd, will mark my 23rd year around the sun! That leaves me with seven years left of my twenties. Now seven years may sound like a lot, but every year passes even more quickly than the year before (can you believe it is already October??). 

Much to my own disappointment, I never put together a semester abroad during my four years in college, even though I loved every minute in Tuscaloosa. Then Covid threw a slight wrench in my plans to travel after graduation. So instead of worrying about the places I may not be able to go right now, I decided to throw a list together of 30 places I hope to see before I turn 30!


  1. New York City, New York
  2. Park City, Utah
  3. Lake Michigan, Michigan 
  4. Zion National Park, Utah
  5. Lake Powell, Utah 
  6. Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park, Maine
  7. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
  8. Boston, Massachusetts 
  9. Big Sur, California
  10.  Aspen, Colorado
  11.  Miami, Florida
  12.  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  13.  Austin, Texas
  14.  Napa Valley, California
  15.  Annapolis, Maryland
  16.  Oregon Coast Trail, Oregon
  17.  Charleston, South Carolina
  18.  Seattle, Washington
  19.  San Antonio, Texas
  20.  Joshua Tree, California 


  1.  Machu Picchu, Peru
  2.  New Zealand
  3.  Australia
  4.  Bali
  5.  Germany
  6.  Switzerland
  7.  Amsterdam
  8.  Ireland
  9.  Greece
  10.  Croatia

Ten international destinations may be a bit ambitious, but a girl can dream! Plus with the uncertainty surrounding when life will return to normal in the U.S., road trips are one of the easiest ways to explore new places. 

So which of these 30 places have you visited, and which was your favorite?

And comment the best travel advice you have ever received, or the most useful tip you have learned from your travels!

Also, see Tuesdays post about how travel might change post-pandemic.

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