Mountains or beach?

Are you a mountain person or a beach person?  Do you know what your preference says about your personality?  Read on to learn…

I’m writing this post while at the beach while on vacation for our kids’ fall break.  Most vacations these days are determined by where you can drive to, and for us, the beach is a five-hour drive from Atlanta.  Truth be told, the beach isn’t my favorite.  My husband and I are mountain people.  Always have been.  Have you ever noticed that people seem to have a strong preference one way or another – mountains or beach?  

And then I started to wonder – why do we prefer one over the other? And it didn’t take me long to realize why I prefer the mountains.  Beaches are always packed with lots of people.  We grew up in the LA area so I’m always reminded of the crowds at Santa Monica and Manhattan Beach.  Whereas in the mountains you can be as isolated as you want.  An introvert’s dream!

So, then I started to wonder…have any studies been done on what your preference says about you?  And lo and behold, I found one!  In 2015, the Journal of Research in Personality found that extroverts tend to prefer the ocean and introverts, the mountains.  People go to the ocean when they want to socialize and the mountains when they want to self-reflect and be isolated.  Additionally, extroverts find it takes more work to have fun in the mountains as compared to the ocean.

And probably not much of a surprise, this trend also applies to where people live.  Introverts prefer living in mountainous regions while their extrovert counterparts prefer to live in flatter, more open spaces.  Which could explain why people in the Midwest and South are considered more friendly…?

Which do you prefer – the mountains or beach?

Either way, some fresh air and Vitamin D in the outdoors can be great for you!

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