Global Entry program also experiencing significant delays

More delays are happening in the travel world. If you applied for the Global Entry Program, understand how delays may affect the required interview.

If you read our September 15 post about passport delays then this might not come as much of a shock.  After being closed down for six months, the Customs and Border Protection started the interview process again in September for the Global Entry program, which is designed to speed up entry through border control.  

Interviews are required for new applicants and for some renewals.  There is currently a backlog of more than 700,000 interviews that need to be conducted.  But of the 20 largest US airports, nine locations weren’t taking any interviews.  

What makes this that much more surprising is the fact that global travel is down as much as 90%.  So, with such a reduction in capacity and the work associated, there should be plenty to time to conduct interviews and work through the program backlog.  

Applicants have one year to complete their interview so for those who have applied and then waited through the six month shutdown, it is recommended to schedule as soon as possible before the one year mark passes.

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