Hotel industry veteran predicts a return to normal for travel

Opinions differ HOW the pandemic will impact the future of travel.  Read one hotel industry veteran’s opinion on what he predicts the future of travel will look like. 

Some of you may know the name Ian Schrager, either from his Studio 54 fame or perhaps being a leader in the hotel industry (think The Mondrian in LA or the The Clift in San Francisco.)

He recently shared his opinions about the future of the hotel industry and believes that in many ways the industry will return to normal as opposed to finding a new norm (show of hands from those tired of hearing that phrase.)

The changes that do come from our current crisis will be those that result from actual beneficial changes to the industry.  Such as cost savings or ways to make the guest’s stay better.  This includes:

  • Touchless check in and checkout.  While there has been some resistance to this in the past, the guest will now want an automated solution.

  • Smart technology.  Last week the gatherist posted about possible changes to come and one area was echoed by Schrager: the use of smart technology.  He cited changes in housekeeping services so staff aren’t directly interacting with guests.  A solution solved by AI robots doing tasks such as vacuuming in the middle of the night.

Do you agree that travel will mostly remain the same?

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