The ultimate test of fitness

There is one exercise that not only tests one’s physical strength and cardio endurance but also one’s mental fitness.  Can you guess what it is? What single exercise can test both one’s physical and mental ability?  Something that measures your strength and cardio fitness while at the same time testing your mental will?  All with the goal of completing in seven minutes.  If you guessed … Continue reading The ultimate test of fitness

How much caffeine is too much?

Do you have to start your day with caffeine? How much caffeine is too much and what is the real impact of consuming more than the daily recommendation? Most of us start our day with a one, or several cups of coffee (avg. 85 milligrams caffeine per cup).  In fact, as of April 2019, 62% of Americans drank coffee daily.  While others sip green tea (avg. … Continue reading How much caffeine is too much?