The ultimate test of fitness

There is one exercise that not only tests one’s physical strength and cardio endurance but also one’s mental fitness.  Can you guess what it is?

What single exercise can test both one’s physical and mental ability?  Something that measures your strength and cardio fitness while at the same time testing your mental will?  All with the goal of completing in seven minutes.  If you guessed the 2,000-meter row, you would be right!  And if you have ever attempted a 2,000-meter row then you KNOW I’m right.

This one exercise is used by many fitness experts because it tests so many areas of strength.  First, rowing uses 85% of all your muscles.  And an endurance row requires tremendous cardio capacity.  Not to mention the mental capacity it takes to complete.  The first 500 meters are generally easy as you find your stride.  By about 1,000 meters when you are winded, and your legs begin to burn your mind wants to quit once you realize…. I’m only halfway through!

By the time you hit 1,500m an amazing thing can happen as you realize “I might just be able to do this” and you actually drive harder.  Few exercises can truly measure someone’s physical ability while reflecting their mental strength and determination as much as the 2,000m row.

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