Six signs that can indicate intelligence

Some days do you feel like you are smarter than the average person?  What six signs could indicate your true intelligence?

You know those days when you are feeling at the top of your game and believe you are smarter than the average person.  There are six indictors that may in fact support your belief.

  1.  You don’t believe you’re smart (ok, so maybe you don’t ALWAYS think you’re smart).  This is more about self-awareness and being aware that you don’t know everything.  A healthy dose of conscientiousness can go a long way.

  2. Valuing the power of questions.  Understanding the importance of curiosity and questioning the status quo are other important signs of intelligence.

  3. Using lots of swear words.  Ok, some may say it’s a sign of a poor vocabulary and the inability to properly express yourself.  Having a potty mouth is associated with openness and some of the most brilliant minds are imaginative, curious and open-minded.  All traits associated with openness.

  4. Being a night-owl.  When it comes to intelligence tests, those who describe themselves as night-owls generally score better.

  5. Taller than the average person.  One study done amongst US and UK children concluded that taller than average kids scored higher on cognitive ability tests.

  6. Telling jokes.  Several studies have shown that intelligence is the foundation for a good sense of humor.  And this study shows that the more dark jokes you understand, the smarter you are.

How many of these boxes do you check?

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