Yes, start preparing NOW for the holidays

Christmas may still be months away, but many retailers are recommending getting a head start on all your activities for the holidays. Here’s why…

People have strong opinions about when to begin preparing for the holidays.  But it seems, based on the year we’ve had (and who isn’t happy to see it come to an end) starting sooner as opposed to later is best.

  • Shopping.  This year fewer people will be heading into the stores and instead will be shopping online.  Which means shipping could take longer as more packages than usual are being delivered.  And as we’ve seen with so many things this year (think toilet paper in March and April) availability of items can also be a problem.  Bottom line – start your shopping now!

  • Decorating.  Because people are spending more time at home, expect them to go bigger with their decorations (painful news for my husband, no doubt)!  Elaborate doors are the forecasted trend with the search for Christmas door decorations up by 125% according to the fine folks at Pinterest.  Bottom line – if you see a decorating item you like, get it!

  • Micro Holidays.  Think events like Friendsgiving or NYE brunches.  In the past, 4 out of 10 people expected to participate in such events.  But with the focus on smaller get togethers it’s closer to 7 out of 10 people planning on participating this year.  Bottom line – Send those invites now to secure your guestlist.

What’s your favorite holiday task?

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