Social media from the perspective of a Gen Xer

Have you watched the Netflix documentary, “Social Dilemma?”  We did and it started a discussion about the evolution and impact of technology, especially social media and smartphones.  And the volume of data that is collected about us and used each day.

The gatherist team got to talking this week about the current Netflix documentary titled “Social Dilemma.”  If you haven’t seen it, it’s an eye-opening discussion from industry insiders about the innerworkings of social media.  Plus how much data they collect about us and our actions and how they use this information to control.  But honestly, I wasn’t really that surprised.  I believe when Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook all those years ago at Harvard, it was with the genuine intent to connect people.  And elements such as the “like” button were done to be positive.  But over time, the money-making potential of the data social media collected was realized and quickly exploited.

It made me think about all the changes in technology over the years and its place in our lives.  Especially to Gen Xers since we didn’t grow up with all of this.  When it comes to inventions such as smartphones and social media, which is more intrusive?  Which would be harder to go without for 24 hours?  Personally, I’m more attached to my smartphone.  I don’t HAVE to be on social media.  I find social media to be more of a mindless time waster than anything else.  

But not my phone.  

It’s there if I have an emergency.  

I’m lost.  

I’m hungry.  

Or I’m late.  

And as a mom, it’s my constant connection to my children.  Especially back in the “old days” when they were at school and I was at work.  I could always be reached if there was an emergency.  I can track my family’s every move with apps like Life360.  If you have kids but don’t have Life360, download it NOW!

Phones really are a blessing and a curse.  We are always reachable and it has become near impossible to escape work emails and the expectation of always responding regardless of the time or day of week.

Could I live without social media?  Sure.  Could I live without my phone?  That would be harder.  But as long as my kids, my husband and my dogs were with me and I knew all were safe, I could surely survive a day or two without it.  Heck, I lived many years without it!  And the antics from my high school and college years remain safely in the past not having been recorded and posted for eternity!

Which would be harder for you to give up – your phone or social media?

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