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The demise of Halloween

Halloween is, without a doubt, my favorite holiday.  I love scary.  I love fall.  And I love decorating.  My husband on the other hand is not as much of a fan of my decorating because it inevitably means a lot of work for him.  And it is a holiday that can be enjoyed without a lot of spending, unlike Christmas or Hanukkah.  Each year I look forward to decorating and enjoying the weather and visiting our favorite pumpkin patch here in the Atlanta area, Burt’s Pumpkin Farm.

But this year is different.  Neighborhoods, cities, counties and even states are having the discussion about banning trick or treating.  Banning trick or treating?  As if our kids haven’t suffered enough?  And now we are talking about banning Trick or Treating?  If you want to read the specifics, we found this great article that provides an overview of safe activities, at risk activities and various parts of the country that are making changes in light of COVID.  

We have all experienced so much loss and changes to our daily lives and to our routines.  Kids have had their worlds turned upside down overnight.  Schools closed so quickly, and kids had to leave their friends and teachers with little notice.  I don’t think many of us realized back in March when this all began just how long this would go on for, or how broad the impact would be.

I think many of us have a symbol for the impact of the pandemic.  That defining event or moment that brings to realization the gravity of the situation.  What makes us truly long and mourn for non-pandemic times.  For me, cancelling Halloween is pretty darn close.  And it’s just another nail in the coffin (Halloween pun intended) for our poor kids who have already suffered so much.  Up next…Santa Claus and Hanukkah Harry!

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