The demand for travel in 2021

Are you dreaming about that trip you can FINALLY take in 2021?  Yep, you and just about everyone else in the US and Canada.  According to a new study conducted by World Travel & Tourism Council, 99% of people surveyed are “eager to travel again.”  Here are a few facts and figures:

  • 70% stated they aren’t only dreaming about taking a trip but in fact, are planning on it

  • And 45% of respondents have already started making plans.  Don’t forget, airfare is at an all-time low so you can get some great deals on tickets

  • Even more positive, nearly 25% are planning on taking a trip before the end of 2020

  • Only 18% are planning on waiting until 2022 to travel

One reason cited as a way to get travelers back on the road is the introduction of rapid testing which was discussed in this post.  60% said the requirement of a negative test would make no difference or in fact be seen as a positive.  

When it comes to travel though, many are still concerned about contracting the virus or being stranded somewhere.

Are you in the planning stages for a 2021 trip?  Where are you headed?

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