3 Reasons for weight gain in the fall

Let’s face it, each season comes with its weight gain challenges.  In fact, weight gain is a never-ending battle.  But understanding some of the triggers can help avoid a few extra pounds down the leaf covered road.  So, what are the triggers for fall?  Read on:

  1. Stress – Summer is a more relaxed time with less demanding schedules.  But come fall means a return to schedules, school, homework, and kid’s activities.  And over scheduling leads to stress.  And stress leads to overeating and poor food choices.  What to do?  Focus on stress management exercises such as breathing exercises.

  2. Cooler weather – Means less time outdoors and less activity.  Cue the weight gain!  If you prefer to exercise outside, then invest in a few warmer clothing pieces to make it comfortable.  If you are looking for an indoor option, there are plenty of online classes and exercise apps to check out.

  3. Comfort food – We are talking about pumpkin spiced lattes, mashed potatoes, mac ‘n cheese and all that wonderful game day food and drinks you consume on a Sunday afternoon (unless of course you are an Atlanta Falcons fan)!  Options?  Moderation.  And see #2.  It’s easy to get carried away with comfort food and game day snacks.  Make sure you have some healthy choices close by.

Do you notice you gain more weight in the fall?

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