The toll 2020 has taken on workers’ mental health

In a new study done in partnership with Oracle and Workplace Intelligence surveying 12,000 people in 11 countries, they found the huge toll 2020 has taken on workers’ mental health.  In fact, 78% reported 2020 to be the most stressful year ever and their mental health has been negatively impacted.

  • 85% reported that their mental health issues are causing a variety of problems ranging from sleep deprivation to feelings of unhappiness at home

  • 76% believe that their companies should be doing more to help the mental wellbeing of their workers

  • This could be because 35% of remote workers are putting in an additional 10 hours of work per week

  • With 25% saying they are burned out due to overwork

And the possible solution might just surprise you.  Artificial Intelligence (AI).  68% of people would rather talk to a robot over a human because:

  1. They don’t judge
  2. They aren’t biased
  3. And they provide timely responses

Would you share your personal problems with a robot?

If you are feeling stressed and overworked, these breathing techniques might ease some of those anxieties!

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