Vacation in style: road trip edition

When it comes to luxury vacations there are more options than ever before.  Glamping took camping and the lack of a bathroom and bed to a whole new level.  Now another classic American vacation is getting a luxury overhaul just in time to meet the changing demands of travel.

Truth be told, I have never been camping.  The lack of a bathroom and bed is kind of a deal breaker.  But when luxury resorts like the Resort at Paws Up in Greenough, MT introduced their take on glamping, my curiosity was piqued!  So, when I recently learned about the next great trip with a luxury overhaul, I found myself yet again researching and preparing to pack my bags.  

Yep, we’re talking about road trips.  Last month we posted T+L’s top 24 road trips.   Now meet a company who will plan for you!  Bring in the fine folks at All Roads North who curate custom luxury road trips selecting destinations, accommodations and activities.  And these aren’t your typical roadside hotels!  They break the US down into six major regions. Then within each region they break it down even further, generally by state.  

We began our search with a market we know well – California.  There are various types of trips including family, couples, and foodies.  The California trip for families is two weeks and begins with three days in San Francisco with a full itinerary of activities the City by the Bay is known for.  As you begin your drive south you will visit Yosemite, Carmel/Monterey Bay, Morro Bay, Santa Barbara and finally Los Angeles where your trip ends with a VIP tour of Universal Studios.

COVID may limit our vacation options but there is no reason you can’t travel in style when you finally decide to take a trip!

Which luxury road trip would you take?

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