Six hard truths about why you might not be losing weight

Have you ever noticed that losing weight is so much harder than gaining weight?  You “think” you are doing all the right things but somehow you still struggle to lose those unwanted pounds.  Learn six hard truths that may be affecting your weight loss goals.  

A few weeks back we wrote about why fall can be a barrier to weight loss – think fall treats and cool weather and comfort food.  But it’s not just the season that impacts our weight loss goals.  Here are six hard truths that could be affecting your ability to lose weight, regardless of the season:

  1.  Short term attitude – You aren’t making long term changes.  You are in it for the upcoming event but not understanding these are real, long term eating habit changes that need to be made if you want to see a real difference that LASTS.

  2.  All or nothing attitude – You know the ones….no carbs, sugar, alcohol, dairy, soy.  Only lean protein, vegetables and the occasional fruit.  What’s wrong with this?  NOT sustainable!  To lose weight and keep it off you need to be observing a diet you can maintain long term.  And complete restriction is not long term.

  3. No support – Having people around you who know, understand and CARE that you want to lose weight.  It doesn’t help when you are trying to make smart choices, and someone calls out that you “always order salads” or “everything you order is so boring.”

  4. Thinking exercise is it – We all know the saying “abs are made in the kitchen.”  And it’s true!  How many times after a hard workout do you convince yourself you deserve a treat because you burned so many calories?  Yep!  Been there.  You must both exercise and EAT right to lose the weight.

  5. Sleep, stress and work – These all take a toll on staying healthy.  Lack of sleep has a known effect on weight gain.  Stress causes us to make bad choices, a la comfort food to cheer us up. And heavy workloads can leave us too tired to workout.  Work out in the morning before the day gets you down. Have prepared healthy foods ready to grab in the fridge.

  6. Supplement shortcut – We’ve all seen the ads for the secret way to lose body fat and weight in mere days.  Truth = it won’t work.  If you want the results and the results to last, you have to do the work.  While some supplements may help you reach your goals you still need to do the work and change your diet.

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