Working from home could be costing more than you think

As kids and adults made the shift to working from home earlier this year, many began to calculate the cost savings with this change.  But as time goes on, the reality is different than expectations.  Many are in fact experiencing an increase in spending and here’s why…

For many, working from home since March has come with one positive perk – cost savings!  Reduced spending on daily commutes. It’s gas or public transit expenses, no more expensive lunches and no mid-day lattes.  But as the pandemic and working from home drags on, many are experiencing an unexpected rise in monthly expenses.

One main expense that has increased significantly – utility bills.  For many, utility bills have doubled year over year.  With everyone home all day this means lights and TVs are on more often and air conditioner thermostats couldn’t be set at a higher temperature during the day when everyone was gone.  And we can’t forget with remote learning and working this also means multiple computers being used all day.  There is also the increased water usage.

Another unexpected expense that is hitting families even harder is paying for some form of childcare while kids distant learn and parents try and do their jobs.  Parents simply can’t keep up with the demands of their job while simultaneously helping kids with schoolwork and Zoom connections.  And for those parents who are required to report to work, many schools are still closed thus forcing childcare alternatives.

Many of those who are struggling hope the government can come to some sort of agreement on a stimulus package to offer assistance to those who have lost jobs and are struggling to pay utility bills that have doubled.

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