The truth about mask effectiveness on airplanes

We all know the pandemic hit the airline industry hard this year.  Fear of being in an enclosed space for hours with a potentially infected person next to you is real.  In June, airlines mandated masks with the hope of encouraging people to fly again.  But do masks in airplanes really work?  Studies say – YES!

Various studies conducted appear to reach the same conclusion.  Wearing a mask on your next flight will offer you significant protection.

At the beginning of the pandemic, a flight from Hanoi to London had a single positive case traveling in Business class without a mask.  Within five days, 12 of the 21 passengers in Business class became ill with an additional three flying in Economy also becoming infected.  

By June, airlines mandated passengers wear masks and this seems to have made a significant impact on virus transmission.  Over the span of a few weeks, five Emirates flights traveling from Dubai to Hong Kong had a total of 58 passengers test positive upon landing in Hong Kong.  Of the almost 2,000 passengers traveling on those five flights not one was infected.

The US Department of Defense conducted their own study. They concluded that transmission of the virus on airplanes with all passengers wearing a mask combined with the superior air filtration systems results in only a .003% chance of infected particles entering someone’s breathing zone even on a completely full flight.

Do statistics like this help you feel more comfortable resuming travel, or would you rather wait for a vaccine?

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