The harm of refilling plastic water bottles

We all know plastic water bottles are bad for the environment. And that we really should use eco-friendly bottles that are safe for us and good for the environment.  But we’ve all done it.  Used a plastic disposable water bottle and then refilled it several times in the vain attempt to be environmentally friendly.  But how many refills is too many?

It turns out reusing that plastic bottle for more than 24 hours can begin to harbor some significant bacteria growth.  Studies show that after two days microorganisms begin to form a biofilm on the bottle opening.  Bacteria from your mouth is a significant contributor along with the germs from your hands that contaminate the bottle each time you take the top off.  

One study compared 30 unopened bottles to 30 previously used disposable water bottles and found that that 90% of the previously used bottles contained a variety if pathogens, including E. coli.  And with the current pandemic it’s one more possible risk of transmission.  So when in doubt, it’s best to throw it out and invest in a reusable bottle such as a Hydro Flask.

Do you refill your plastic water bottles too many times?

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