Making the most of your weekends

Struggling to know what day it is?  Feel like all your days are bleeding together?  Are your weekends no longer the treasured jewel of the week?  Learn what you can do to make your weekends something you look forward to again!

Working and schooling from home is causing day bleed.  You know…what day is it?  And when you are home seven days a week, weekends have begun to lose their magic.  But here are eight things you can do to make the weekends a time to refresh and recharge so come Monday it will actually feel like the beginning of a new week.

  1. Use a different skill – Have a favorite hobby such as knitting or woodworking?  Save it for the weekends to help make that time feel different from the week.

  2. Plan it out – What happens when you don’t make plans?  A whole lotta nothing!  Schedule some fun activities outside the home so you don’t spend the weekend scrolling your phone or binge watching Netflix.

  3. Sunday night plans – We all suffer from the Sunday night blues.  So, when you are planning a few fun activities for the weekend (see item #2) schedule something fun for Sunday night.  

  4. Make the most of your mornings – While it’s tempting to get a slow start, taking the quiet time before everyone gets going to do something for yourself is the best way to start your day.  Think morning walk, run or workout instead of catching up on work emails, if you can avoid it.

  5. Weekend traditions – This doesn’t need to be big, just something the family looks forward to and comes to expect most weekends.  Think Friday night pizza, Saturday movie night or Sunday morning brunch.  

  6. Quiet time – For some it may be a nap, for others it may just be some quiet alone time to recharge your battery.  But everyone needs it!

  7. Chore time – Working parents know that chores or errands are unavoidable on the weekend.  Set aside a block of time one morning or afternoon to get them done so it doesn’t spread out over your entire weekend.

  8. Tech sabbatical – We’re on devices all week.  Give yourself a break on the weekend…this includes mindless scrolling on social media.  If you have to check work email, set aside small blocks of time so you aren’t constantly checking throughout the weekend.

Are you suffering from day bleed where all the days are starting to feel the same?

And if you’ve been working from home a ton, see last week’s post about a possible cost.

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