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Deck the halls – a few of our favorites

Not sure if you’ve noticed this in your neighborhood, but where I live, holiday decorating is in full swing.  No longer are people waiting until after Thanksgiving to hang their tinsel.  And frankly, who couldn’t use a few extra weeks of joy in this hot mess of a year we call 2020! So, we thought we would share a few of our favorite holidays items to help make your season a little more festive. Now let’s deck the halls!

  1.  Trader Joe’s Advent calendars for pets (cats and dogs) – Introduced in 2018 (dogs) and 2019 (cats) these calendars are filled with 24 days of salmon joy with a bonus 25th treat.  Available for $5.99 but they sell out fast and once they’re gone, they’re gone!  If you see them at your local TJ’s, grab one or two!

  2. Kid’s advent calendars (pictured below) – A few years ago I tried a new twist on an old classic.  I didn’t like the cardboard calendars with the little chocolates.  And the wooden boxes with the drawers were expensive. (albeit reusable, which is a plus).  But for $20, I purchased a 3 ft artificial tree from Michael’s.  I bought 24 fabric gift bags with a ribbon to tie.  And glued a number (1-24) onto each bag.  Once filled with treats, tie the bag to the tree.  Not only is this a great decoration for your home, it’s a fun way to countdown the days to Christmas.

3. Top choice for outdoor decoration – And when it comes to outdoor lawn décor, Home Depot is always my go-to.  Their items last for several years (if you store items back in the original box) and the prices are very reasonable.  This set of 3 reindeer is our choice for 2020 Reindeer family of 3.

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