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Happy Thanksgiving week – some helpful tips!

Continuing our holiday meal cooking theme from the past few weeks, we are going to share some last-minute Thanksgiving meal fixes from the team at Cooking Light. Should you find yourself in a kitchen predicament come this Thursday afternoon!

Mashed potatoes – Be careful not to over mash your potatoes.  The starch in the potatoes can quickly become stiff and glue like.  We are a big fan of potato ricers.  They are super easy to use and leaves you a lump free dish.  Once riced, just add milk, butter and spices for light, fluffy potatoes.  Hint: my husband loves them with sour cream and butter.

Frozen turkey – It’s happened to all of us!  We thought leaving it in the fridge for two or three days would be enough time.  But alas, it’s still hard.  Fill a pot up with cold water and submerge your still wrapped bird.  Change water every 30 minutes.

To stuff or not to stuff – Nope!  Don’t do it.  Firstly, it’s unsanitary because the stuffing absorbs the turkey’s raw juices.  Secondly, you will overcook the bird while trying to get the stuffing to cook.  And the stuffing absorbs moisture from the bird so it will become dry.

Crispy skin – There are those of us (my hand included) who LOVE to pull off pieces of the crispy turkey skin.  Patting the skin dry with a paper towel first will help the skin crisp up.

Basting – This is another no-no.  Every time you open that oven door to baste, it lets out lots of heat.  This will increase your cooking time significantly and result in an unevenly cooked turkey.  We brine our turkey with a dry brine, which locks in moisture so no need to baste.

Which of the above Thanksgiving tips is news to you?

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  1. Great reminders! Thought I’d share one gem: keep mashed potatoes warm in a slow cooker, so they can be made ahead of time. Stir gently every so often, add a pat of butter or drop of milk to keep from drying out

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