Misunderstood wine rituals

We know our gatherist community is a fancy group.  But just how fancy are you?  Here are a few wine rituals that are misunderstood (or nothing more than a marketing gimmick).

The cork – You go to a nice restaurant and order a bottle of wine.  After opening the bottle, they hand you the cork.  What do you do?  Sniff it?  Nope!  This is a common misconception.  So, what are you actually supposed to do with it?  Inspect it.  You are comparing the vintage information on the cork and confirming it matches the label on the bottle.  No one wants to pay for a Margaux and get a Mondavi instead.

The glass – Do you really need different glasses for different types?  Some experts say no.  There is no “right” glass for each specific type.  It is nothing more than a marketing gimmick to get people to buy more glasses than they actually need.  Though some people may believe a big wine should be served in a big glass.  Fancy decanters?  Another expert again says nope.  You can pour that expensive bottle into an everyday glass pitcher.  The intent is to aerate the wine.

Did you know what to do with the wine cork?

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