The key nutrients to boost your immunity

There has been very promising news on the vaccine front the past few weeks.  And it seems we just might see the light at the end of this very dark, very long, very twisting tunnel of a pandemic.  But we are still a few months away from broad availability of the vaccines. And with the coldest months upon us, boosting our immunity is more important than ever.  Here are some of the most important nutrients needed and the foods to find them in:

B12 – Important for regulating serotonin, which is directly tied to your mood.  You can find this in milk, meat and fortified foods like breakfast cereal (just watch the amount of sugar in the cereal you pick.)

Vitamin C – Great for supporting your immunity system.  Found in citrus fruits, tomatoes and potatoes.

Vitamin D– Another important nutrient for immunity and helping fight COVID.  And as we head into winter, our time outside is reduced so finding food rich in Vitamin D to add to our diet will help.  Think fatty fish, eggs and mushrooms.

Zinc – Helps fight viruses and bacteria.  And beneficial in reducing the severity and duration of colds.  Can be found in read meat, oysters, crabs, lobster, beans, nuts and whole grains.

Iron – Lack of iron causes anemia, which leads to low energy and can result in an inability to fight off infection.  Iron can be found in red meat, spinach, seafood and iron-fortified cereals and breads.

If you chose to take supplements to ensure you are receiving the necessary nutrients, make sure you consult a doctor or do some online research to determine daily requirements.

What nutrients or supplements have you been focused on to boost your immunity?

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