Dating in a pandemic world

For many, finding love during a pandemic has been very difficult.  But if you did find someone, it may have helped to bring you and your partner closer more quickly.  Not since the advent of online dating has one single event impacted the dating world as much as the pandemic.  In a study of 2,000 Americans 63% surveyed feel dating will forever be altered.  This includes 31% who believe virtual dates are here to stay.

Forty-four percent indicated that they will display more caution when touching and kissing on dates.  This is in part of a result of beginning the courtship virtually, which nearly one-third believed forces them to take things more slowly.  While at the same time, 38% believe it is easier to get to know someone virtually as compared to face to face.

But there has been some good experienced by those dating in the pandemic world. And that is 57% believe it made it easier to reach the comfort zone.  The comfort zone is defined by relationship-building activities such as:

  • Meeting the family
  • Leaving the bathroom door open
  • Sharing a deep secret
  • Not wearing makeup (though we’re pretty sure that is just pandemic life)
  • And sitting in silence without being awkward

And what’s more surprising, nearly 50% believe they can achieve comfort zone status without ever meeting in person!

Do you think virtual dating is the wave of the future?

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