Gifts designed to keep you healthy

Still trying to figure out what to get people on your holiday gift list?  Fear not because we are back with some more suggestions…this time focused on health!  So many of us have been forced to workout at home and it could still be some time before people feel safe working out indoors sans masks.  So here is a partial gift list (full list here) compiled by the team at with some amazing items:

  1. Mobot – Big Bertha 40 oz Foam Roller water bottle:  One word – brilliant!  A 40 oz metal water bottle that is wrapped in textured foam material that doubles as foam roller.  What?!  So, once that workout is done grab your bottle to hydrate and then rollout any residual tightness or aches.  

  2. Kettle Gryp – Most of us don’t have full (or even partial) gyms in our homes.  And to buy the array of equipment needed for a proper workout is space intensive.  The Kettle Gryp is a handle device that attaches to any dumbbell (up to 55 lbs.) turning it into a pseudo kettlebell.

  3. Balega – Blister Resist socks – As more people lace up their running shoes to get in their daily workouts, maintaining foot comfort is important.  This sock is designed to keep feet cool and dry to prevent painful blisters.

Do you have any fitness items on your wish list?

See lasts week’s post for some more gift ideas as well!

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