Shipping delays bring headaches this holiday season

With the holiday season in high gear, transportation companies like UPS and FedEx are handling record volumes resulting in… record delays.

Since the start of the pandemic, shipping companies have been handling holiday-like volume all year.  And now that the real holidays are here, they are experiencing volume at unprecedented levels.  Cyber Monday sales surged as year over year revenue increased 15.1%.  This is despite sales starting earlier this year as compared to years past.  And because more people won’t be traveling to family over the holidays, that means EVEN more packages being shipped.

So, what can you do?  Shop early, ship early.  While deadlines for stores vary, most recommend purchasing before December 18 to receive in time for the holidays.  Want to ship FedEx ground?  Better be off by December 15 (tomorrow) with UPS quoting similar windows.

Have you tried to ship yet?  What shipping delays have you experienced?

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