10 things likable people DON’T do

As we end the year, some of us take the time to self-reflect and identify things we want to work on in the New Year.  If you are identifying possible New Year’s resolutions, here are 10 items to ponder.

Likable people:

They don’t blame… others for their problems.

They don’t control… because all you can control is you.

They don’t try to impress… just because people like what you have, doesn’t equate to always liking you.

They don’t cling… which is a sign of fear and insecurity.

They don’t interrupt…. listen to what people are saying and don’t worry about what you will say next.

They don’t whine… if you have a problem, fix it!

They don’t criticize… everyone is different.  Don’t judge it.  Just accept it.

They don’t preach… people will stop listening.

They don’t live in the past…. Move on.

They don’t let fear hold them back… they push on and start what they have been dreaming of.

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