Closing out one HECK of a year!

Alas, here we are!  A day that felt like it would never come… the end of 2020!  While it’s a year we won’t soon forget, I for one feel some gratitude for the challenges I faced as I have grown more this year than I have for quite some time.  Maybe it’s me, but it seems the older we get, the less we evolve.  Perhaps it’s a result of falling into a routine (work, family and daily activities).  But if anything, 2020 broke us of our routines and forced us to live new ways.

As we contemplate what 2021 will bring, the team here at the gatherist has decided to press pause on our beloved blog.  For now, our website and social media pages will remain active and house all past content. 

Since our August 2020 launch (and the months leading up to it) we have learned so much about the blogging world.  We’ve loved sharing what we hope was valuable information and are grateful to our community who has been there every step of the way cheering us on.  But lives and careers evolve and take us to new places. 

 I’m especially grateful to Jordan, who was a wonderful partner on this journey.  And I wish her lots of success as she transitions from post college grad to a full-time career beginning in the new year.  And thank you to all of you who supported us and liked and shared our posts.  Happy New Year!  

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