The Gatherist is “that friend” who saves you time by always sending you the most relevant articles answering questions and concerns you have about today’s world. And let’s face it… our world has changed A LOT and some days the questions feel endless across so many topics.

In addition to finding the most valuable, useful and timely articles, we also offer original content from a variety of contributors and input from you, our community, to become your daily source of information. Through regular feedback, our community will help shape the information we deliver to ensure we are answering the questions that matter most.

head gatherist

Stephanie Gustafson

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Stephanie is now an Atlanta based hotel industry veteran. Like many of her industry colleagues impacted by COVID-19, Stephanie’s corporate role with a major hotel company was eliminated, which led to the founding of the gatherist.  While her positions over the years have varied, she has always enjoyed, and even at one point was professionally, a researcher of all things relevant.  As head gatherer, Stephanie brings her passion to finding the best, most relevant content and sharing it with her community.


Jordan Lombardo

Jordan is a recent college graduate from the University of Alabama (Roll Tide!) with a major in Public Relations and History.  Based in Orange County, CA, she is like many others who are struggling to find a job in one of the most challenging job markets.  So in true entrepreneurial fashion: “If you don’t see a door, build one.”  Jordan is our social media strategist and focused on ensuring the gatherist maintains an unbiased tone.