Christmas Eve traditions

We want to wish all our followers who celebrate a very joyous Christmas!  For many, the holidays will be very different this year as our gatherings are smaller.  And for some, there are fewer gifts under the tree.  But it is an opportunity to celebrate what we do have and enjoy the season with our immediate family.   Most families have a Christmas eve tradition.  For … Continue reading Christmas Eve traditions

Shipping delays bring headaches this holiday season

With the holiday season in high gear, transportation companies like UPS and FedEx are handling record volumes resulting in… record delays. Since the start of the pandemic, shipping companies have been handling holiday-like volume all year.  And now that the real holidays are here, they are experiencing volume at unprecedented levels.  Cyber Monday sales surged as year over year revenue increased 15.1%.  This is despite … Continue reading Shipping delays bring headaches this holiday season

Gifts designed to keep you healthy

Still trying to figure out what to get people on your holiday gift list?  Fear not because we are back with some more suggestions…this time focused on health!  So many of us have been forced to workout at home and it could still be some time before people feel safe working out indoors sans masks.  So here is a partial gift list (full list here) … Continue reading Gifts designed to keep you healthy

Let the holiday shopping begin!

It’s officially time to holiday shop! If you’re like us, you have been enjoying the weeklong Black Friday sales.  In an effort to moderate crowds and incent buyers, stores are offering deeper discounts over a longer period of time than past years.  But there is still the challenge of what to get for that “tough-to-buy-for” person on your list.  We thought we would share some … Continue reading Let the holiday shopping begin!

roasted chicken on white ceramic plate

Happy Thanksgiving week – some helpful tips!

Continuing our holiday meal cooking theme from the past few weeks, we are going to share some last-minute Thanksgiving meal fixes from the team at Cooking Light. Should you find yourself in a kitchen predicament come this Thursday afternoon! Mashed potatoes – Be careful not to over mash your potatoes.  The starch in the potatoes can quickly become stiff and glue like.  We are a … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving week – some helpful tips!

You will love this apple pie for the holidays

We continue our countdown to Thanksgiving with another one of our favorite pie recipes courtesy of Allrecipes.  If you like apple pie, then this one is a MUST.  The key to this recipe is making the liquid ahead of time and pouring over the apples prior to cooking. Opposed to letting the pie get hot enough in the oven that the liquid forms on its … Continue reading You will love this apple pie for the holidays

Our favorite (and easiest) chocolate pie

We are officially in the homestretch of 2020 – whew!  And with Thanksgiving coming up in two weeks, I thought it would be a great opportunity for our community to come together and share some of our favorite recipes.  Because if you are going to try a new recipe, make sure it comes highly recommended!  I love to make desserts, pies especially.  And while this … Continue reading Our favorite (and easiest) chocolate pie

Moving back in with the folks

America as a country and as a culture values independence.  Yet independence can come in many different forms.  Recently I’ve been grappling with my own definition of independence.  High school me expected to have a full-time job, my own apartment, and be financially self-sufficient at 23.  Yet here I am with no job, moved back home with my parents, and definitely not financially self-sufficient.  And … Continue reading Moving back in with the folks